My few morning habits for u to stay healthy

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my morning habits to stay healthy and stress less, these few habits improve your health level and that’s morning habits good for your skin, brain health, for fat loss, and stress less.

Wake up early 5-6 a clock,

Then wash your face.

Drink hot, water hot water helps in fat loss.

Walk 1-2km it’s healthy for your health and after that.

you start meditation 5 to 10minuts.

Than start yoga do 2 yoga of breathing anulom vilom yoga & pranayama. These tow increase your body oxygen level and it good for your skin, body parts.

And the last one you eat or drink an only healthy meal or drink, like protein sack, or green tea, etc.

I hope it helps you that my morning routine, please please share with your family.

Thank you.

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Morning habits

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