Make Simple Healthy meal

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Hey, today I tell my own healthy meal recipe. its take time 10minutes to prepare so you cook very easily.

Healthy meal

Black-eyed beans with sprouts beans it’s my simple or healthy meal how to prepare it.

One half cup black-eyed or half cup sports boil it’s for 10 minutes and after that just you add salt mix both of its ready to eat.

Black eye beans
Ready to eat
Sports beans
Ready to eat

Nutrition information of both.

  • Black-eyed beans serving size 50g,
  • total calories 50,
  • fat 0.5g,
  • Carbs 12g
  • Total protein 4.5g.
  • Dietary fiber 5g,
  • Sugar 0g,

Vitamins and minerals.

Sodium 119mg.

Calcium 1.5%.

Iron 6%.

Or sprouts beans nutrition information.

Serving size 50g,

  • Protein 1.1g,
  • Calories 13,
  • Carbs 1.6g,
  • Fat 0.3g
  • Fiber 0.6,

Note, pregnant women, don’t take dry sprouts beans to eat the only cooked or boil sprouts.

So now total 100g meal nutrition information total protein 5.6, total carbs 13.6, total calories 63, fiber 5.6, total fat 0.8.

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