Make healthy & simple chicken wings

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Today, I share with you my healthy and simple chicken wings recipe healthy too delicious and very simple easy to make.

I was cooked 500gm.

 Chicken Wings image
Chicken wings

First, remove extra fat on the wings and wash it.

Make tow tomato and 3onion puree first makes onion puree then tomato puree.

Image of tomato and onions for chicken wings
Onion tomatoes

Or make garlic and green chili puree 2green chili with 15-20 garlic add in the puree.

Garlic or green chili
Garlic and green chili

After that, you add half medium size spoon vegetable oil into your cooker first into onion puree and chili garlic puree cook 3-4minutes the puree cook in medium level heat.

Then add tomato puree or add half teaspoon red chili powder½ or salt½ and turmeric powder½.

Masala for image
Red chili powder salt turmeric

Add some water cook while masala for 5-6minutes with high heat doesn’t overcooked masala.

chicken wings put into the cooker add to fill the cooker half of water. It’s cooking time 20-25minutes.

Cooked chicken wings image or text
Cooked chicken wings

I hope you like it please share with your family or if you have any question post related, tell me in the comment section thank you.