How to increase shoulder width

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How to increase shoulder width ultimate shoulder workout, a lot of people have incorrect technique for medial head of deltoid.

The medial head gives a thickness to the overall shoulder. This exercise gives you big shoulder caps in the people incorrect technique I show you how to do correct exercise for big shoulder and it’s 2 parts one for beginners and the second part for the advanced lifter. 
Shoulder cap 

In the gym a lot of people usually you see the technique people do in the gym incorrect.

incorrect technique people do in the gym.

Its Wrong technique elbow is down and arms are going up because of weight dumbbell and your shoulder doesn’t have the power to lift the dumbbells.

Right technique.

This is the right technique.

For Beginners simple technique

Follow the picture steps first pick a lightweight dumbbell and just do like he. The technique for beginners.

Now for advance lifters.

The technique for advanced lifters your elbows are going ups and your arms down or your little fingers going to up.

Hold a dumbbell on fingers try to hold a dumbbell lightly not very tight.

Do not hold a dumbbell very tight because you hold a dumbbell very tight you lift the dumbbell with your forearms you feel maximum in forearms, not in you’re a shoulder.


This position shoulder muscle start working and your hand or down more than this position shoulder are not working its relaxed position.

This one position maximum working. 

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Shoulder workout for beginners and for advance.