Home made sausage with Indian style

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Make Indian style chicken sausage it’s healthy or too delicious, my own recipe easy to make so let’s start.

I tell you to step by step how to make Indian style sausage.

I was cooked 500gm chicken sausages.

Uncooked sausage image
500gm sausage

1.step after wash chicken sausage cut it small size.

2.step make 3tomatos puree, 3onion puree, and make small size ginger 20garlic 3-2green chili puree.

Tomato onion ginger garlic image
Tomato onion ginger garlic green chili
Tomatoes or onion puree image
Tomatoes or onion puree

Cook with a pressure cooker or you can cook with others stuff, medium size spoon adds half vegetable oil and roast onion puree with garlic ginger green chili 3-5minute in medium heat.

After 5minute add tomato puree and add masalas.

Red chili powder half teaspoon.

Salt teaspoon


Masalas image
Salt red chili powder turmeric powder

Then add little bit water and cook while minutes for 5 minutes.

And add sausage into cooker add water 500ml it’s cooking 15 to 20 minutes.

Cooked sausage Image
Cooked sausage

I hope you understand that how to cook like that if you have any questions post related please comment, thank you.

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