Shoulder workout

Complete Shoulder workout

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Complete  shoulder workout.

for beginners and advanced lifters and also for females the best exercise for shoulder and complete guide you to do step by step let’s start.

Cable Side Lateral Raises.

Start with cable side lateral raises You can do 3-4 but start with a bonus set of 5reps and maximum weight for you this help your strength first set 12reps, 2 set 10reps, 3 set 8reps, and 4 set 6reps. It’s hit your side delts and you go for bigger shoulder light to heavyweight and do 4sets.

Static holds Lateral Raise 

Train your muscle hard hold your one hand and do lateral raise with one hand see the video and just do like her.

Normal lateral raise not difficult remember that always train your muscle hard for muscle growth and try to do your exercises hard as much as you can this exercise, you choose a lightweight dumbbell to do 3 sets of this 1 set 12 reps, 2 set 10 reps, 3 set 8reps, this shoulder workout exercise for both beginners and advanced.

Front deltoid 

Front raise

People in the gym must do simply a front raise it’s not wrong its correct exercise but the here are some tips and tricks I want to tell you the first tip hold dumbbell-like he and see the second picture you lift your dumbbell going to be close-close you do just like he in the gym,and you check his video link in his picture.

Start with light weight and goes to the heavy weight

3 sets of this exercise 1 set 12 reps, 2 set 10 reps, and  3set 8reps finish this one.

Shoulder dumbbell press.

 The Seated shoulder dumbbell press the 4th exercise of shoulder workout same here to do 3 sets of this exercise first set 12 reps, second set 10 reps 3 set 8 reps.


The last exercise for deltoids and its finish your shoulder workout its so hard exercise does not go for heavyweight just do with lightweight and but you try to do more reps with a lightweight like the first set 15 reps, the second set 12 and the 3rd set 9 reps. Finish your shoulder workout. But remember that don’t overtrain your muscle.

The complete shoulder for beginners, advanced and for women I hope you like it so like and share with everyone.

And if you have any questions so write on comment section your question thank you see more

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